The Health Museum

The John P. McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science (or The Health Museum) is located in Houston's Museum District. The museum is a member of the Texas Medical Center. The museum has received over 180,000 visitors annually as of 2012. 22,000 schoolchildren visit the facility during field trips.

The Museum of Medical Science was established in the Houston Museum of Natural Science on November 16, 1969. It remained there for 21 year. The Museum of Health & Medical Science was established as the current museum. The capital campaign for the John P. McGovern Building that houses the museum was $9.5 million. The museum has received more than two million visitors since its opening. The museum's board unanimously decided to rename it after John P. McGovern in late 2001. As part of its 10th anniversary as a standalone facility, the museum redesigned its brand in 2006. The new branding included a shorter name ("The Health Museum") as well as a new logo. The museum had 175,000 visitors in 2006

The museum's southwest side was renovated in 2011 with 3,300 SF of new exhibition space and 1,500 SF of interior renovations.

The DeBakey Cell Lab has had permanent exhibit space since 2015. The DeBakey Cell Lab, a unique science-focused museum exhibit, is the only one in the country that is bilingual. This 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit is named in honor of Michael E. DeBakey M.D. Seven authentic biology-based science experiments are featured in this 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit, which is suitable for visitors from 7 to 65 years old.

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